How to get into the Zen Zone by Heed Need

How to get into the Zen Zone

How to get into the Zen Zone

So how do you get into the Zen Zone?

There are many practical ways to find your Zen, get some balance back in your life, breathing easier and feeling more in touch with the now.

Lets start with the feeling of zen, and how you felt when you had been absolutely pampered?  Some might feel a touch of zen after a day at the spa, for others it's sitting beside a stream, or playing a musical instrument or painting.  You may not feel any time passing as life is so pleasant, and you feel in-tune with both your body and surroundings.

Zen literally means 'concentration' or 'sitting meditation', it is based on deliberate breathing and being in the present moment. You are zen when you feel completely alive, this can also be achieved by slowing down and doing something silly and childlike, by laughing, or getting some valuable 'you time'.