Getting back in touch with nature!

We can reconnect with the earth and get back to nature in a number of simple ways, by being able to bond with animals, view the sky and feel the grass - they can be life's simplest pleasures.

Ok, so you work in the concrete jungle and don't get time to take a break.  Most of us get a lunch break or can do something in nature on a weekend.  It might be as easy as a walk in a nearby park, or taking a drive somewhere close you haven't been before to have a picnic.

A change of scenery can be reinvigorating, even just watching the sunset or sunrise while you have a drink can be restful and bring a warm feeling of connection.  There are some who camp out, trek and mountain climb, but it doesn't have to be as strenuous as that - you can spend time in your garden to reconnect, even if it's on an apartment balcony.

It's interesting to me that digital detox holidays also known as "black hole resorts", "offline escape retreats", or "dead zone holiday options" are becoming very popular.  These self-imposed digital diets are also bringing back some old loves like; real books, card games, board games, writing on real paper with real pens and even walking outside in the fresh air.

Don't get me wrong, I love both my computer and mobile, but sometimes we all need empty-mind time and what better way to enjoy it - than being outside in glorious mother nature...